Honza Zamojski is a polish artist and designer. He ran the publishing house Morava between 2010-2013.

Gareth Long is an artist from New York. With artist Derek Sullivan, they have worked to illustrate and translate Flaubert’s Dictionary of Received Ideas, seated at an iteration of Long’s Bouvard and Pécuchet’s Invented Desk For Copying pulled from Gustave Flaubert’s incomplete last novel.

Archive is a publishing and research platform based in Berlin and consists of a publishing house, an exhibition space, a magazine

Harsh Patel is a graphic designer based in Los Angeles. His publishing projects includes, among others and based on various printed matters, 3DX, Black & White, Sister and Blondi

Éditions B2, created by Nikola Jancovic, is a french publishing house in the field of architecture, also specialized in old and/or non-translated treasures.

The Swedish OEI was founded by Jonas (J) Magnusson (poet, writer and theorist) and Cecilia Grönberg (artist and writer) as an experimental poetry magazine.

Erik Kessels, co-founder of Kessels Kramer creative agency and publishing house, is a collector of amateur photography. 

Grotto is a production and publication platform embedded within the artistic praxis of Sophie Nys and Richard Venlet, based in Zürich and Brussels.

Cambridge Book is an art book collection and consultancy directed by Carson Salter with Sandeep Bhuller.

Cannon Magazine is conceived, edited, and designed by Phil Baber.

4478zine publishes, promotes and sells all printed matter by Dutch artist Erik van der Weijde.

International Typographical Union (I.T.U.) is a graphic design collective started by Danielle Aubert and Lana Cavar in Detroit and Zagreb.

Precinct, operated by Wayne Daly, is a micro-press based in London

David Horvitz is a Brooklyn-based artist.

Samuel Nyholm is a Swedish illustrator and graphic designer.